Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. This little Moose started Puggles last week. That means I have 4 children in AWANAs this year. He was less than excited when I first dropped him off but by the time I picked him up he was chattering away about his lesson and singing. I think he's going to love Puggles.

2. The twins had picture day last week at school. Chuck and I provided some "feedback" on Bryce's outfit selection the night before. as you can see from this photo, he wasn't particularly happy with our choice. I remember the days when the boys would just wear whatever I laid out for them. I seriously hope he smiled for his picture.

3. Jarron didn't fight us at all on his outfit. He wins the "Agreeable Twin of the Week" award. {Don't worry they switch on and off, Bryce's mood will shift soon.}

4. Jackson is absolutely loving 1st grade. He is the most easy going kid. Give the kid a box of Legos and a couple of PSP games and he's a happy guy. He'll start floor hockey next month. {When I asked him if he wanted to play floor hockey, he said, "Oh yeah, I love floor hockey! Wait a minute, what's floor hockey?" Ha. I think he just heard "hockey" and was all in.}

5. Speaking of sports, Bryce is playing lacrosse this fall. He seems to be picking up the basics of it very quickly. Not sure if this is something he's going to continue to pursue, but he's having a lot of fun with it.{I'm not sure what is going on with his glasses in this picture-clearly they need to be adjusted-again. I've had them in at least 4 times already for repairs and adjustments. Sigh.}

6. Jarron is working on his basketball skills this fall with a program that a local AAU coach runs. He {Jarron} is very serious about basketball and improving. He really wants to play for the high school when he gets older. Jarron is so focused when he has a goal-he's like that with school, sports, AWANAs, whatever.{Love this picture of him-so Jarron.}

7. My baby will be three next week. I refuse to accept or believe that. Because he is my baby. My Moose Goose. Nope, not letting him grow up.

8. We took the kids to Harbin Park this weekend and they had so much fun jumping, swinging, and climbing. So glad they are all still young enough to WANT to do that. So glad I have a little guy begging us to take him to the "parking lot" {Moose calls all parks, "parking lots"}.

9. I let the boys climb a tree at the park to get some pictures of them. There may or may not have been bees in said tree. But no one fell and no one got stung. And the pictures turned out pretty cool. So we'll call it a win.

10. I was putting our youngest boys to bed last night and Moose got in trouble for yelling during prayer time. {He didn't want to watch the movie that was playing and said so repeatedly at a very loud volume while Jackson was praying-a big no no.} When I told him he was being bad and that he wouldn't be allowed to play his DS in the morning for his behavior, he folded his arms across his chest, stuck out his bottom lip, and said, "Fine, see you in a couple of hours."
What?!? I realized pretty quickly he meant he'd be getting up in the middle of the night and waking me up. I fumbled my way through a response of "you better not". But, really? What almost-3 year old, says that? Mine, apparently. :)

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