Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back To School, Back To School...

It's was a tough one this year. Sending my boys back to school. I'll be honest, it's tough every year. Watching them get on the bus. Not knowing what they are doing all day.
This year is especially hard. Because up until now, they've been at East. We know East. We love East. We love the teachers and staff there. They know our boys.
This year the twins are going to the Intermediate school. Along with about 1,598 other kids. That's a lot of kids. They don't know my boys. How cool they are. How smart and funny they are. How Jarron gets a little bit nervous but once he finds his groove he's one of the best students in the class. How Bryce is really outgoing and loves to be challenged.
We don't know them. We don't which teachers are awesome and which aren't awesome. We don't know the in's and out's of this big scary school just yet.
But we'll get there. And yesterday was the first step on that journey. Boy, were they ready.


We've come a long way in 5 years! 

And for fun, little Jackson from back then..

Thankfully, Jackson is still at East. Heading into first grade, having spent a year in the Transition program, he's an old timer. He's so excited to be going back-he loves his school, loves his friends, loves learning.
And somehow, we got super lucky and these two guys are in the same room! Which is pretty awesome considering their older siblings loved being classmates through most of elementary school!

I've still got one at home. The crazy one. The one who insists that he is not a "big guy" yet because he's still two. "Me not three yet Mommy, me still a baby!" I hate to break it to him but he'll be three next month.

I have a feeling he's going to miss his brothers. He has WAY too much fun messing with them! As evidenced by him constantly sneaking into the back to school pictures. "My turn! Cheeeeeeessssseee"

I wish I could say that back to school went off without a hitch. But it didn't. I got a call from the school nurse at FIS at about 1PM that Bryce had gotten injured on the playground. Monkey bars injury. He lost the top layer of skin off both of his palms-still not sure exactly what happened. But his day was done early. When I asked him if other than his injury he had a good day, he said, "Yeah, up until I was in immense pain, it was going great." Poor kid. Let's just hope he got the bad luck out of the way early.

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