Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The One Where Our Moose Turned Two

Once there was a tiny little Moose, just a baby Moose really. He had three older brothers and they all loved him very much.

But each and every month, the Moose grew a little bigger and stronger and he learned new things.

His Momma and Daddy were proud of their little Moose but a little sad too. Because they knew this was the very last time they'd have a baby Moose in their house.

Time went by, as it does, and before they knew it, their baby Moose was walking and not long after that he was talking.

Every day he would learn something new. (Unfortunately, this little Moose never really learned to sleep alone.)
And then one day they looked up and that little Moose wasn't a baby anymore. He was a toddler.

He was running and jumping and talking in sentences. He was asking to watch Elmo on TV and asking for pizza. He wanted to wear his Goofy shirt and his Batman pajamas. He was a big boy now!

Yes, there once was a baby Moose but he grew into the most adorable big boy Moose you have ever seen.
Happy 2nd birthday Moosey-we love you!

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Sharla said...

What a cute baby boy that has turned into a cute toddler boy! I love the baby picture where he is in a grey sweatsuit with a pouty look..SOOO cute!