Monday, August 16, 2010

The One with the Jonas Brothers Concert

Thanks to some super amazing friends (Hi Laurie and Travis! You guys rock!!) I got two free tickets to the Jonas Brothers concert last week. I knew right away that I was taking the medium sized kid. It can't be easy being Jackson. Moosey needs a LOT of attention being the baby; and the twins get a LOT of attention because they are twins. People are funny that way-multiples just attract attention.
Jackson isn't tall enough to ride most of the rides at Kings Island so he gets stuck with me and Moose. And there isn't a lot of rides that Moose can ride so he misses out that way too. He couldn't go to Midnight Madness or Kentucky games last year because he was too young. So, this was a golden opportunity for Jack-Jack to get to do something that no one else would be doing.
Jackson isn't an overly expressive kid. When he's happy he smiles, but there no shouting or carrying on. The only way you know he's excited about something is that he turns into a chatterbox. (I have no idea where he gets that from!) The entire drive to Riverbend was Jackson chattering away- for an hour and thirty minutes he chattered about anything and everything-did I know that some people really do jump off bridges? Or that Joseph from school's favorite food is raisins? or that Jackson loves the color red, then green, then blue?  I found out all of that and more on the drive to the concert. And I loved it because he was so happy and excited to be the center of attention.

I've never been to Riverbend before and it is holds a deceptively large amount of people. We got there just as the concert was starting and it was packed. And hot. Very, very hot. At first Jackson was thrilled and was up dancing with the other kids but the longer Demi Levato and the other Camp Rock co-stars played, the more frustrated Jackson got. And he wasn't the only one. The thousands of screaming pre-teens weren't there for Allison Stoner, they were there for Kevin, Joe, and Nick and the JoBros were nowhere to be found. I seriously thought that the crowd was going to revolt at about the 1:30 mark.

Finally, just before 9 the Jonas Brothers hit the stage. And the place went crazy. You don't know loud until you are surrounded by screaming pre-teen girls. Wow. Even Jackson was in awe of the noise level.
Jackson got his second wind when the JoBros started playing. They are actually a really good live band. Jack-Jack knew most of the songs and sang along with a lot of them. After about 45 minutes, we decided to start heading out. Jackson chattered the whole way to the car. He told me about the dream he had the night before that instead of the human JoBros band, animals hit the stage, and called themselves the "Jonanimals Bros". He said, "You know what Mom? They were pretty good, not as good as the real Jonas Brothers, but they were better than Demi Levato." :)

Jackson and I had a really fun night together. When we got home, his big brothers came downstairs asking about his night and wanting to look at the pictures he took. I think for him- that was almost as cool as going to the concert.

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