Monday, August 2, 2010

The One With the County Fair

There is nothing that makes it more clear that I am a "city girl" than going to the county fair. I'm not sure that I have been to one since I was a kid and I know that our boys have never been to one. Our friends at church had two daughters competing in the horse and small animal divisions, so we decided to give it a try.
The fair we went to was set up with all of the rides/games/food in the front and the animals/exhibits near the back.

As always, the boys desperately wanted to play the carnival games-Bryce and Jackson both won, but Jarron did not get the UK basketball he was trying for. (He has about 15 basketballs at home, so I wasn't too torn about it.)

Bryce was the only one who chose to spend his money on a ride and he decided to do the Monkey Maze. He was in and out in about 3 minutes, but he seemed to think it was worth it.

Moose got to go on his first pony ride and he had a big grin on his face most of the ride. I did hear him call them "Woof Woof". (Maybe he does take after his momma a little bit-there was a time when I confused a mule and a pony but in my defense they look similar from a distance.)

There was the normal assortment of booths from local agencies and governments. The boys love these booths; they love filling their bags up with free pencils, rulers, bookmarks, and frisbees.

The Army booth was a big hit because they had a few vehicles that the boys could climb around in.

We headed to the back of the fairgrounds to see the animals-here's the city girl part of the story. Did you know that when the fair is over they sell the animals? I had no idea!  These aren't beloved pets; they are "livestock". I'm not a vegetarian-although I recently gave up red meat-but I had a hard time eating meat the rest of the weekend. Of course, I wasn't raised on a farm or in the country, and I'm sure I'd feel differently if I did. But still, it made me a little sad.

The boys were oblivious to all of that, they just really enjoyed petting the animals and seeing them up close. Which is how it should be when you are a kid. They had a lot of fun and are excited to go back next year.

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Stacey said...

Well, some of the animals become beloved pets. There was an article in the Hamilton Journal yesterday (online) about some of the owners crying and disappointed that they had to sell their animals. You can even see it in some of the photos they have online. Genna would hate it - she's a HUGE animal lover. We go to the fair every year, since Genna loves it so much.

Genna rode the Typhoon by herself! She enjoyed it, but while watching her I got a little anxious!