Thursday, August 26, 2010

The One Where They Went Back To School

It's quiet in the house right now. Only one little Lakes boy running around. The big boys are all back to school. And for the first and only time, they are all in the same school. We had our open house Tuesday night and got to meet all of our new teachers. They all seemed to be wonderful and the boys were thrilled to run into all of their friends (including Mrs D and Mrs Fish!).

Jackson is super excited to be in a Jungle room this year. He LOVES monkeys, so I think it will be a good fit for him.

Bryce and Jarron are in their last year of elementary school, so to prepare them for middle school, they switch classes throughout the day. They each have the same three teachers-just at different times.

This morning, I did the annual "take pictures on the front porch" photos and then I put them on the bus.

It's amazing to me how much the twins have grown up. They look so big now.

Jackson was one of the last ones on the bus-he looked so little following Jarron on.

And now I am not so patiently waiting to hear how their first day went.

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Stacey said...

Christina - I'm anxiously waiting for our first day of school (Sept. 7) Can't wait to hear about Genna's first full day. I know of Mr. Fernandez, Jackson's teacher. He dated my sister-in-law for a little while several years ago, and he knows the Morefield family from going to school in Ross. Hope the boys had a great day!