Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I really wish it would stop raining/drizzling/being cold. I must have said the words "NOT IN THE HOUSE..." at least 74 times in the last 72 hours. This was usually preceded by a ball flying through the living room or being dunked on a Nerf hoop (which was NOT designed for real basketballs). Momma needs the boys need to spend some time playing outside.

2. Bryce had his big debut in "The Lion King" on Friday. It was wildly entertaining. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. The kids did a great job and looked very cute on stage.
(Photos courtesy of Aunt Bobbi-although she claims they weren't her best work, they are 10,000 times better than how mine turned out.)

3. Jarron had zero interest in preforming in the play but was eager to film the whole thing. So we reluctantly handed over the camcorder. At one point I saw him panning over the lighted sign near the front of the stage a la Steven Spielberg. He also appeared to have 2 or 3 friends following him around, acting as his "sound crew". About 2/3rds of the way through, he came running over, yelling, "Dad, Dad, I ran out of footage, what should I do?" Oh boy. He also asked me later if the camcorder recorded sound. When I asked why, he looked at the ground and said, "No reason, well, I might have said a few things about the acting in the play as I was filming." Oh boy. I'm going to take some Dramamine before I attempt to watch that one.

4. The medium sized kid finally got his yellow belt this past Thursday. Later that night, he said, "Now I can fight people. Are you scared of me, Mommy? Now that I can beat you up?" Hee. Yup, sure am.

5. The Moose has been talking up a storm lately. Adding new words on a daily basis. This weekend was the best though. Chuck was holding the remote to the TV (which Moosey LOVES to play with) and when he wouldn't let him have it, Moose said quite clearly, "Awww Man!" Love it. He definitely knows what it means because he spent most of the weekend using it in context. "Awwww Man!" I will try to capture that on tape because, really, it's priceless.

6. So Bryce's class is doing this project for Mother's Day involving a favorite recipe, which we had to write down and send in. Our conversation went a little something like this:
Me: "What's your favorite thing that I make?"
Bryce: "Definitely your brownies!"
Me: "Hmmmnnnn, I make those from a box mix, we can't put that. What else?"
Bryce: "Pizza"
Me: "Also from a box, usually one that's been frozen, what else?"
Bryce: "I don't know....spaghetti"
Me: "Well, ummm, that is also from, ummmm, a box" (by now I'm feeling awesome)
Bryce: (who is now thoroughly frustrated) "Is there anything that you make that doesn't come from a box????"
Me: (really thinking): Ummmm....hamburgers?
Bryce: "Fine, hamburgers are my favorite, I'm gonna go play basketball now."

Yeah, you can go ahead and send that "Mother of the Year" award right on over. Sigh.

7. I am seriously considering moving all of my scrapbooking gear out of the office to the basement-despite the fact that there is no carpet and that the bathroom down there is basically in pieces. The scrapbook room is nearly finished-it's painted and has awesome lighting, it just needs carpet. But I think I might just throw a cheapo rug on the floor and call it good. I just can't seem to get much scrapping done upstairs near the boys' rooms. Anyone out there craft in their basement? Thoughts?

8. Have I mentioned how happy I am that we are not playing soccer or baseball this spring? Because really, I had forgotten how nice it is to wake up on Saturdays and not have to rush around looking for a missing uniform or try to come up with a snack at the last minute.

9. I really need to go get my eyes examined-I'm down to my last pair of contacts. You'd think given my employer that I would be on top of that, but not so much.

10.A couple of weeks ago when Chuck was mowing the lawn, he found not one, but two rabbit's nests in our yard. Tonight I came home to find this in our gas grill....

Yup, a big old bird's nest. It's not as if we haven't used the grill in years; I fired it up a just a couple of weeks ago. Honestly, I feel like we are living on the set of an Animal Planet show. Who knows what wild creature will decide our backyard is the perfect place to raise a family next? :)

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