Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I'm multi-tasking tonight, watching Idol and blogging all at once-I have to say so far, Idol is a bit boring. Chuck just informed me that his inspirational song choice would have been "Eye of the Tiger". I don't think he was kidding.

2. This weekend we had the Awana Grand Prix at church. We know going in that we won't be taking home any design or speed awards and we tell the boys in advance that it's all about having fun. At one point, Jackson came to me and said, "I'm tired of having fun, I want to win." Hee. Maybe next year kiddo. They definitely had fun though. And honestly, their cars looked pretty good and were pretty fast.
A gaggle of Lakes boys, ready to race.

3. Of course when you are competing with Don Lakes for a design award, you have very little hope of winning. Seriously, I think Don and his boys have won for the last 10 years or something crazy. The only shock was this year he won for speed and not design in one division.
(You should double click on this picture and take a closer look at that car-amazing!)

I swear that Andrew was happy-that is his picture taking smile. Love that kid.

4. We had to replace one of the headlights on the Honda today. I grabbed the manual and did 75% of the work before Chuck got there; I'm ridiculously proud of that. I'm not a helpless girl, I can change lightbulbs! :)

5. The twins got a ton of UFC action figures for their birthday. I crack up every time I see them having the Chuck Lidell figure fight the Rashad Evans figure. My kids are so cool.

6. For the past month I've been telling people that Moose is 19 months old, when in fact, he won't be 19 months old until Thursday. I'm a super awesome mom sometimes. Sigh.
This is Moosey and his friend Sami, who is a few days older than him. He looks so big here!

7. Our neighborhood is having a yard sale May 1st. We'll be participating-email me and I'll give you the details.

8. This picture cracks me up...
As does this one...

9. Jackson definitely promoted to yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do, he just hasn't received the belt yet. But he is already starting his yellw belt training-he was learning a punch/kick/kick combo tonight, I was very impressed.

10. Last week I made 3 batches of brownies, one for us and one for each of twins' classes to celebrate their birthday. Unfortunately, I made the birthday brownies in disposible pans and they cooked very, very uneven. The edges were hard--like, could be used as weapons, rock hard and the middle was practically raw. Awesome. So Friday morning, I had to call a bunch of different bakeries to find one that could make 5 dozen cupcakes in a matter of 3 hours. All's well that ends well-I tracked down some cupcakes and the boys were so happy to see me bring them in on their lunch break. Sometimes being a mom is the hardest job ever, but seeing their faces light up like that? Makes it totally worth it.
Have a great week!

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