Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Ah, my first Ten on Tuesday post of the new year. (Because technically I started writing this on Tuesday, so it counts. Don't judge me.) Anyway, as I was saying it's 2010. Traditionally people list resolutions in the new year. Things they will try to start or stop doing. I have never really been good at keeping those, so this year I have more of a goal than a resolution. And that is....

to keep this plant pictured here alive until June. I know it's a pretty lofty goal, considering my brown thumb (I am even able to kill cactus plants-apparently they need some water-who knew?); but I'm going to give it my all. What? You didn't think I was going to put a fitness or weight loss goal on my blog for everyone to see, did you? I think I'll keep those to myself.

2. Over the holidays we got a chance to stop in Lexington for the night and tour some of the shops downtown the next day. One of the shopping centers was in a really cool old building with amazing architecture. I'd like to go back down there at some point when the shops are actually open-it seemed to have a number of really cool little stores.

Seriously, how cool!

3. Chuck and Don (Chuck's brother) have been absolutely cracking me up lately. They are both obsessed with college basketball (specfically UK basketball). The other day they were literally calling each other at the exact same moment when some news broke about the Tennessee basketball program. It just makes me laugh to hear them on the phone analyzing the teams and games.

The Lakes Brothers

4. My Cricut die cutting machine died a couple of weeks ago. I was so sad. It lasted nearly 3 years, so I can't complain too much. And after selling some of my cartridges on eBay, I was able to replace it with this amazing piece of technology...

that's right, I got a Silhouette! (Scrapbookers will understand my excitement.) I got her on a smoking hot deal on eBay (seriously, like half off of retail-and it's brand new!) and I love it. It cuts any true type font on your computer, no more cartridges to buy. Serious scrapbooking joy in that machine.

5. Upward basketball is back up and running, and the twins first game is this Saturday. We stopped at a certain discount retailer (begins with Wal and ends with Mart) to order RecSpecs, so the boys can actually see the net and ball. Why the un-named retailer that I hate so much? They were the same exact glasses at one of the stores I work for at less than half the price (after my employee discount). Easy decision. We should get them in next week.

6. We've been getting a little snow here and there the last few weeks. And the boys love to play in it. We could get 4 inches or more this Thursday, so hopefully there will be enough for them to acutally build a snowman this time.



7. I helped out at the kids' holiday parties before winter break. Bryce is one of the "senators" at his school and was chosen to be the "human tree" for one of their games. This picture is worth a thousand words...

He was also chosen as one of the students of the month for December at East. He got to eat dessert with the principal. One one kid from each class is chosen each month and both the twins have been selected this year-can't begin to express how proud I am of them.

8. Jarron also won a reading contest at school this week and earned tickets to a Miami Redhawks basketball game and a pizza party for his whole class. I'm guessing he's a pretty popular guy right about now.

9. Mr Moose got his first haircut this past week. He didn't shed a tear, he just kind of sat there until he got a little antsy but by then it was all over. I'm going to miss those little curls but his haircut definitely suits him. Such a little man.

Getting ready for the cut...


All done! Get me out of here mom!

10. We've decided to sign Jackson up for karate lessons. We really wanted something that he could call his own and this is perfect. He's so funny, lately he has been asking me to call him the "medium sized kid". I often call the twins, the "big boys" and Moose, the "baby". I tried to include him with the "big boys" but he said, "No, I'm not ready to be big yet. How about you call me the medium sized boy?" Works for me, since I'm not ready for him to be big yet either. ;)

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