Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Christmas is just 10 days away! I can't believe how fast the season is going by this year. I'm just about done with my shopping, just a couple of scrappy gifts to make. I'll try to post pictures of the teacher gifts this weekend-I am making them pocket planners and maybe some notecards.

2. Our digital cable box/DVR broke Friday night. So frustrated with Time Warner these days. A couple of weeks ago they just didn't show when I made an appointment to get a new line installed, and then this. The guy on the customer service line told me to take the box to the mall and I could swap it out for a new one. We lost all of the shows we'd been saving on the DVR-Chuck's Kentucky games, my brother's interview on a national show, and all of the mid-season finales from last week-so annoying. The lady at the mall wasn't very helpful either-she acted like I was bothering her when I asked for the new box-and told me it would be more convenient if I had mailed it in or had someone come out to the house. Maybe for her-but we needed that box working for Saturday's basketball game-we couldn't wait a week for a new one to be mailed or a tech to come out. The whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth.

3. But some good came out of the whole fiasco, it forced us to go somewhere that we rarely go these days-the mall! And you know who is hanging out at the mall this month? Right?
This guy...

Surprisingly, Moose sat on his lap without any hesitation. I had to bribe Jarron to go anywhere near him (apparently, some 8 year olds are too cool for Santa). Bryce and Jackson were both willing to talk to Santa and let him know what they were hoping for (the Mindflex game and a zhu zhu pet). After a few pictures, Moose got restless and he was done, but I think we got at least one good shot.

4. We got our tree Saturday afternoon from the produce farm up the street. It's a really nice tree and we got a smokin' good deal on it-$25! Highly recommend Uncle Rog's produce stand for trees! (They also have yummy fruits and veggies in the summer.)

I have no idea way Jarron is smiling like that. This was the best picture of the bunch though. Sigh.

5. Bryce and Jarron are working on a unit in economics at school. As part of their lesson, they have a Barter Day this week. They have to make an item and bring it in to trade with the other kids in their class. I took them to Hobby Lobby to pick out the materials-the whole time all I heard was, "Can we get out here? This is a girl's store...can we at least go to the wood aisle-that's manly!" Shortest trip to a craft store ever! They each bought a wooden nutcraker to paint and decorate. Let's just say that the black paint was a popular color.


6. Sunday morning Bryce, Jarron, and Jackson had their Christmas cantata at church. Jackson was towards the front, so it's easiest to see him. He did a little dancing to "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"-so cute. Bryce and Jarron were in the middle of the sea of kids but they both looked like they were singing. They all looked really cute in their new sweaters.

 That's Jackson in the gray sweater grinning because he saw me taking pictures from the balcony. (The poor kid in the plaid looks like he's going to burst into tears at any minute.)

Of the 15 pictures I took, this is the ONLY one where Jarron is facing the camera. (He's in the red sweater and collared shirt.)

Bryce is in the gray sweater, looking super thrilled to be on stage.

7. We decorated the tree Sunday afternoon, the boys and Chuck did most of the work, I just finished it off with some bows at the end. As you can see, the majority of the ornaments on are on the upper 1/3rd of the tree. You'll understand why when you read #8...

(Clearly, Bobbi is the photographer in this family-lighted Christmas tree pictures are hard to take!)

8. Moose loves balls-footballs, basketballs, tennis balls-LOVES them. So when he saw the ornaments we were hanging on the tree, his eyes got really big and he kept pointing to it and saying "ball!". It must be a dream come true for him-a tree with balls on it, growing right in his living room! He and Keaton have broken 3 ornaments so far. I'm thinking putting the glass ornaments up was a bad idea this year.

He looks so innocent here-like he would never, ever crush glass ornaments with his fists-ha! Looks can be deceiving!

9. I just finished the book "Nineteen Minutes" by Jodi Picoulet. It was a really hard read. It was a story similar to Columbine but told through the parents of one of the victims and the killer. I think when Columbine happened I was closer to high school than I was to having kids of my own, so I identified more with the kids and their terror. Now that I am a parent, all I could think about was how helpless it must feel. I just wanted to hug my kids and wrap them in bubble wrap when I finished the book. I just want to shield them from the ugliness of bullies and the awfulness of trying to fit in. But I can't, my job as their Mom, is to prepare them for that stuff and give them the tools they need to overcome it and succeed. Anyway, I'm not really a fan of heavy reads like this. Make fun all you want, but the cozy mysteries that I enjoy rarely keep me up at night like this book did.

10. I'm getting my hair done Monday-woo hoo! I haven't had a cut in 3 months! I'm also going a litle darker (for winter-ha!), so looking forward to it. I'm thinking little Moose is going to be getting his first haircut in the next 2 weeks. He has really adorable curls in the back when he first gets a bath but within a couple of hours it looks like a mullet.

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Bobbi said...

Wow Brody is much better w/ Santa than Keats was. Keats has his fists up...of course.

I'm going to get my hair done too!! It's been way too long.