Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ten on Tuesday Returns!

1. Welcome back to Ten on Tuesday! How fun was that video of Bryce and Jarron wrestling? We've gotten a few comments from random strangers about that video on You Tube. Too funny.

2. Moosey is quite the little dancing king these days. Anytime we turn the TV to the Music Choice channels, he stops what he is doing and starts do this funny looking sumo wrestler style dance. He LOVES to dance.

3. I think we've finally made it out of the worst of the winter sickness (I hope), all of the boys had the H1N1 flu with no complications, all of us got the stomach virus thing, and 3 of us have had ear infections. I'm pretty sure we kept the companies that make amoxicillian and Lysol in business this past month.

4. We celebrated Thanksgiving with our families last week, I wasn't feeling too hot so we didn't make it to Kentucky. We celebrated with the Lakes that Saturday at our church. There's just so many of us that it made sense not to cram everyone into Chuck's parents' house. The boys had a blast, running around playing ball.

You tell em, Moose!

5. We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family that Sunday. Chuck set up our new Blu-Ray player and the kids watched Up! I won't say who, but one of the adults (not me, Chuck, or Bobbi) got a little emotional the first time he viewed this particular movie and might have shed a tear or two. Naturally, we had to make fun of this adult; you should never give this group a reason to make fun of you because we will take FULL advantage!


6. I won a prize! I feel kind of like the Dad on "A Christmas Story", except my prize isn't a leg lamp. I listen to Warm 98 in the car throughout the holiday season (they play Christmas music 24/7). On the morning show last week, they had a little trivia question about the Bengals (I think we all know that I'm a bit of a Bengals fan) and I entered it via email. Yesterday, as I was pulling into work, they announced my name as the winner! Yay me!  So excited, I'm picking up my prize this afternoon-a $50 gift card to Montgomery Inn and a tabletop cornhole set. Sweet! I'm also entered into the grand prize-a new recliner and a tailgate party for 10-how awesome would that be?

7. It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here yesterday morning. We got our first measurable snow of the season-which promptly melted. It was pretty for an hour or so.

8. Jarron has been saving up his money for awhile now (he wanted a hot tub-hee!). This weekend he saw a basketball game like you'd see at Chuck E Cheese for $99 and decided that is what he'd spend his money on. I'll be honest for $99, I  thought it would be a small two player hoop thing-I was SO wrong. This thing is HUGE, like something you'd see at Dave & Busters. Chuck and the boys spent 3 hours putting it together last night. I have a feeling the boys will be spending hours with this thing.

Imagine this thing in your basement-not small at all!

9. So, I'm doing this couch potato to 5K training program that can be found HERE. I was totally going to ignore the whole start off at three days a week thing, and then I tried to get out of bed this morning, and I was pretty sure my legs were going to fall off. It hurts to walk, shuffle, MOVE. So yeah, I guess they knew what they were talking about with the 3 days a week thing. But I'm determined to be back out tomorrow morning. I actually really enjoyed my walk/run Monday-it was so peaceful and the snow was barely coming down-so pretty. But the pain I'm feeling now-NOT pretty. At all.

10. We're getting our tree this weekend. I wanted to go to The Big Tree Plantation in Morrow. They have real reindeers, an elaborate train set and all sorts of fun things to do. No one else in the famly wants to go. Even the boys voted against me, so I guess we'll be going to the lot up the street. I guess the fun part for the boys is just decorating the tree. (They have promised me that we can go to Festival of Lights at the zoo this year-so that sort of makes up for it).

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