Monday, September 14, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Busy times at the Lakes household. School is back in full swing, as is all of the homework associated with THREE school going boys! :)
AWANA's started back up last week, with the three big boys moving up a class to Sparks and Truth & Training.

Flag football is underway, with practices and our first scrimmage under our belt. I don't mean to brag, but I am totally going to. Bryce scored the first touchdown of the game and Jarron had 3 interceptions! I couldn't believe how good they were-especially since they've only been to two practices! Our first official games are this weekend.

It seemed to be the weekend for football, Chuck and I took Jackson to a Colerain HS football game. I always feel so old when I am in a high school setting-the kids seem sooooo young! Jackson had a blast-he was so well-behaved. He just sat there, taking it all in with a big grin on his face.
And of course, we watched our Bengals fall to the Broncos. I really thought they were going to pull off the win and said as much. I may have jinxed them.

Moosey started walking last week. Five whole steps. He's still crawling for the most part (he is incredibly fast on all fours!) but he's spending a lot more time standing and cruising. He's so busy all the time-he never sits still anymore. (And if he is sitting still, it's a safe bet that he's into something he shouldn't be.)

(Can you tell he's teething? Always with the hand in the mouth these days!)

We also went to Coney Island this weekend with the Noonans, it was extremely crowded, so crowded you could barely move. But we did manage to ride a couple of rides including (as Jackson calls it), the "Fairy Go Round."
As usual, I was the only girl in the group!

Jackson and Connor

Me and Moose on the Fairy Go Round (You can also see Jack-Jack in the background.)

So, like I said, busy times in the Lakes household. :)
Oh, and, Chuck finally got his mountain bike. He bought this one:

He parks it right underneath the light in the garage, every time the door opens the light shines on it and Chuck swears he hears the angels singing. :)

Coming up next week: My baby turns ONE! (I know!!!!)


Stacey said...

Hilarious about Chuck and his angel bike :-) How do you like being the only girl in the bunch? I'm sure it gets lonely sometimes, and pretty stinky, but that's where I feel like I fit in most :-) Do the twins have mouth guards in that picture?

Christina said...

Yes, they do have mouthguards-so hopefully no one loses an irreplacible tooth!
And I actually love being the only girl in the group-all of my boys treat me like a princess! :)