Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. It's Tuesday, which means Friday is only a couple of days away! Yay! I'm having a super stressful week at work-I'm pretty much the only person in my department here this week and I have a lot going on. I normally love my job but weeks like this are no fun at all.

2. While things are busy at work, things are even busier at home, we are running around every single night this week and we have 3 (THREE!) birthday parties this weekend. Good grief!

3. One of those birthday parties are for this little guy. I simply can not believe he is 5 years old already. He's such a funny kid. One night I was laying in bed talking to him when I noticed he had a bruise on his arm from the shots he got at his check-up.
Me:"Hmmmnnn...you have a bruise there on your arm."
Jackson (twisting his arm to see):"Noooo, that's just a knuckle."
Me: "Huh? What are you talking about?"
Jackson (pointing to the freckles on my arms): "See Mommy, you have them too, they are just knuckles."
Me: "You mean freckles? (Holding up my hand) These are knuckles."
Jackson (looking like a lightbulb went off):"Ohhhhh, that's why they call it a knuckle sandwich. That makes a lot more sense. "
Hee. Love that kid.

4. The boys had their football evaluations for Upward on Saturday. Jackson got hit in the mouth with the ball, I hope that is not a sign of how this season will go. I'm super excited about them playing football-it is hands down my favorite sport. (Sorry Chuck and Don-I love it even more than basketball!)



5. Jackson had his very first dentist appointment (the twins also had check-ups). He did great-he sat perfectly still the whole time and did not complain at all. I was really proud of him (especially when I heard the boy who was the same age howling in the exam room next to us).

6. Also on Saturday, we headed to the park with Don and Retta and their boys. The boys had a great time playing together. And Don didn't injure anyone (he sort of known for "accidently" breaking people's bones)-so all in all it was big success! :)
Donnie, Andrew, and Bryce

Don-getting a work out

BFF's-I think I am going to do a mini-album with pictures of these two!

7. We got to do some swimming this weekend as well since it was blistering hot here in Ohio. (Like smacks you in the face HOT!) Moose is just like his brothers-total water baby!

Love this picture of Moosey-look at those eyes!

8. Mr. Moosey has a brand new trick-standing up without holding on to anything. He stands up and then he waits for you to clap and cheer for him. Then he gets super excited and lands on his rear-end. So cute. In a way I'm kind of sad because this means he'll be walking soon, which means he'll be a toddler and not a baby. I'm just not ready for that.

9. I may have told some of you that I really like the Purex 3in1 laundry sheets. I completely retract that statement. I am absolutely furious at that company. I'd been using that product since it was released-unfortunately during that time some of the sheets were getting sucked up into the hoses of my new washing machine, and last week it stopped working altogether. Fortunately my dad found them all, and got the machine working again, but he said I was lucky it didn't burn up the motor. So, for the record, I do NOT recommend the Purex 3in1 sheets, unless you are looking to ruin your washing machine. Because they are good for that.

10. Have I mentioned just how much Moose looks like his daddy? Because he looks JUST LIKE HIM! It's like a mini-version of Chuck. So cute.

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