Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ten On Tuesday

1. I have not taken a single picture of the boys since we've come back from vacation. I feel sad for my poor empty August 2009 folder in Kodak Gallery.

2. We weren't crazy busy last week, thankfully. So there wasn't really much to photograph. Still trying to catch up from vacation, I guess.

3. We went to Fuji House for dinner Friday night. It's hands-down our favorite restaurant. It was pretty cute this time, because Moose really noticed the fire. His eyes got really big but he didn't cry or anything. He's pretty happy to go anywhere with us without a fuss, as long as we pack some snacks for him. :)

4. I finally finished the invitations for Jackson's birthday party with his friends. I think they turned out pretty cute-Jackson really loved them. He's such a fan of monkeys.

5. Speaking of Jackson, he had his 5 year check-up yesterday. He got FOUR shots! But the kid didn't even flinch, no tears at all. (I hate to say it but both of the twins cried during shots at his age!) Such a tough little man. He told me he expected it to hurt more than that. His arm was pretty tender most of last night from the tetnus booster though.

6. I got some school supply shopping done yesterday. Have I mentioned how much I love school supplies? I love a freshly opened box of crayons, crisp new folders, and notebooks, don't even get me started on notebooks! The boys and I started dividing things up into backpacks. At one point Bryce said, "I love being organized!". Me too, Brycey, me too!

7. We registered the boys for flag football. They are supposed to have evaluations tonight but I think they might just get rained out.

8. Want to see a really super cool picture? Go HERE to my sister in law's blog, scroll down a bit until you get to the water droplet picture. Amazing isn't it? I can't believe how talented she is!

9. I got a little scrapbooking done this weekend (more than a little actually). I finished all of the layouts from our trip to Red River Gorge, I think my next big project will be to tackle our Hilton Head Vacation from 2006. (Yes, I am that behind on scrapbooking!)

10. My little brother turns 31 today! I'm really blessed to have such a great relationship with my family. My brother is (and always has been) one of my best friends. He is an amazing (and incredibly generous) uncle to my boys. Growing up, we always said we'd raise our kids together and make sure that they were more than just cousins, but best friends. I am thrilled that we are doing that. I love you James, you have no idea how much you mean to me!

(Photo shamelessly taken from Bobbi's blog!)

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Bobbi said...

Aww thanks for the shoutout, those water drops are hard!

I love the picture you chose to use of James lol, my little Trekkie.

Flag Football...can't wait to take pics!