Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ten on Tuesday (The Day Late Edition)

1. I was wrong when I said we had 3 birthday parties last week, we actually had 4! The first of which was on Tuesday at Chuck's parents for a slew of July/August birthdays, including Jackson's. He was thrilled to get the Bendaroos he's been asking for (Thanks Aunt Retta!) and a TON of Legos.

We've got a lot of these things laying around the house

2. Moose was up to his old tricks-finding things to crawl under and happily playing there. I think I'm going to get him an end table for his birthday.

3. The twins came to work with me on Thursday. They had a lot of fun learning about the optical industry and our charitable organization. As part of the day, they got to design mock-ups of store-front advertising, Bryce's slogan was "99% Awesome" and Jarron named his store Meatballs. "Why Meatballs?," I asked. To which he replied, "Because I like them." Okay. It was a really fun day.

4. The second party of the week of parties happened Friday night at Chuck E Cheese. I am not a fan of Chuck E Cheese, especially not on a Friday night, where hundreds of kids are running around, screaming and acting like crazy people. My kids, however, are HUGE fans of Chuck E Cheese. So they had a blast. Moose threw up on me...twice. I did not have a blast.

The kids mauling poor Chuck E.

5. Moosey hit another big milestone this week-we switched his car seat to forward facing. He loves it-it's so cute to see him looking around grinning at everything.

6. The third of the birthday parties was for one of the twins' friends at a laser tag place. Unfortunately, I forgot to send the camera, so no pictures. But Bryce and Jarron had a great time.

7. The last of the birthday parties was for Jackson at Pump It Up. We had about 14 kids there and had so much fun-there was boxing, jousting and rock wall climbing-not to mention all of the cool inflatables. Jackson had a great time hanging out with his friends and loved his Curious George birthday cake.

Jarron boxing with Mike-I think he is saying Bring It On!

Jackson and Blaze jousting

I'm not going to say whose kid that is in the dark blue shirt, because I'm pretty sure his mom wouldn't be happy about it, but his name starts with An and ends with Drew.

Moose cracked me up with this tunnel-it took us forever to get him to crawl through it!

Even the big guys had fun-Chuck and Mike

The birthday boy!

Sharing the throne with his brothers.

8. Through Facebook, I got back in touch with a friend of mine from elementary school-one of my best friends growing up. She lives in California now, but was in town this weekend to see her new neice. We were able to grab lunch on Sunday and it was great to spend a couple of hours catching up. Yet, another reason why I love Facebook.

9. We are gearing up for school to start on Monday. We'll meet Bryce and Jarron's teachers on Thursday and I'll meet Jackson's on his first day of school. We have the backpacks all packed and ready to go. I'm hoping to hold it together and not cry in front of Jackson (or his teacher)-I can't believe how nervous I am about him starting school.

10. I'm spending six hours scrapbooking this Saturday-I can't wait! I haven't prepared my page kits yet, but I think I'm going to work on our Hilton Head vacation photos. If I get it done-I'll be almost caught up on vacations! Woo hoo!
That's all I've got for this week-see you Monday for the 1st Day Of School Recap!!!

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