Sunday, January 18, 2009

Heard at Mall Cop

Just got back from seeing Mall Cop with the boys and their cousin Blaze. I'm not sure what was funnier the movie or the running commentary from the boys:
Before the movie-Blaze, sounding disappointed-"I saw a cop at the mall yesterday but he didn't run into anything."

During the movie-
Jarron: "OHHHHH, she took her hair off."
Blaze: "I think it's a wig."

Blaze: "This is my favorite part from the commercial-check it out-a pink bandaid-that's hilarious!"

Jackson-from 3 seats away during a kissing scene-"YUCK! That's disgusting!"

We had the loudest laugher ever in the theatre-this woman was literally slapping her thighs and HOWLING with laughter. My brother and I were cracking up. Not only that, but the person behind me was snorting!
It was a great movie-very, very funny.

And I'll leave you with this converstion with Jarron:
J: "Mom we should see Marley & Me"
Me: "Oh really is it good?"
J: "Well it's basically this movie about this dog and his owners. He's kind of crazy dog and is always in trouble but his owners love him. Oh and he dies at the end."
Me: "Jarron you just told me the whole movie and how it ends-you ruined it for me!"
J: "Ummmm no I didn't, I didn't tell you WHAT Marley dies of!"
J (whispering): "I think it had to do with his stomach but you didn't hear that from me."

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