Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ten on Tuesday (or Wednesday in this case)

1. Yes, I'm aware it's Wednesday but "Ten on Tuesday" sounds way better. In the future, I'll be sure to have it ready for Tuesday. Do you ever feel like a hamster in one of those wheels-constantly running but getting nowhere? Yea, that's how the last few days have been for me. Look forward to a quiet weekend at home this weekend.

2. Speaking of the weekend, the only errand that I have on the agenda is the annual Christmas tree hunt. For the past two years we've bought our tree at a local landscaping store-I'm looking into a tree farm near our house in West Chester for this year-stay tuned!

3. How is it possible that most of the invoices were not paid while I was out for THREE months! You cannot begin to imagine how much work I have come back to.

4. Look who's back for the season....

that's right-Country Singing Santa-look for a blog post in the next few days that explains the story behind this guy-'Merry Christmas Darling'

5. I'm loving these little block people that Loretta and Don made for my munchkins...

6. Jarron's baptism on Sunday went well-he seemed pretty nervous before hand but did great-so proud of him!

7. I'm not sure why but lately Jackson has been bringing a random assortment of toys into our family room. He'll arrange them all on his lap and play with them. Note that this random assortment included half a plastic Easter egg.

8.This little guy isn't feeling too good-he is so poor little winter baby.

9. Have you been to the remodeled Michael's in Voice of America? Because, oh my! It's like a scrapbooker's dream store-you just have no idea how happy that place made me. Now I am just waiting patiently for the Bridgewater Falls store to get the same remodel.

10. Finally, this picture of the boys and their cousins, Blaze and Keaton, just cracks me up. Everyone looks so thrilled-except poor Keaton-who looks like someone just punched his best friend. He was fine ten seconds later-just wasn't interested in having the photo taken!

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Bobbi said...

Aww, poor Keats lol. Those block people are so cute...and we still need to do 2 month pics!