Thursday, December 18, 2008

Country Singing Santa

Why, what's this you ask? It's the story of a very special Christmas decoration here at the Lakes household!
Each year the twins' school has a Santa's secret shop, where the kids can purchase small items for family members for less than $3 or so. The boys LOVE Santa's secret shop-they love picking out presents for people but have no patience when it comes to actually giving the presents. They never wait until Christmas.
Last year, Bryce came home from school one day and said, "I found the perfect gift for Daddy today; I can't wait until it's our turn to shop the Santa store. I hope it's still there!"
Hmmmnnnn...I'll be honest most of their gifts have never even remotely been something Chuck or I would ever buy for ourselves (although we love every one of them-since they picked them out and all), so I was a little suspicious.
"Oh really," I said, "what is it?"
"Oh I'm not telling you, it's a secret, but it is probably the best gift ever."
Now I was intrigued.
So, the next day when I got home from work, there he was sitting in the middle of our kitchen table, Country Singing Santa.
"What's that?" I asked.
"That's the gift I got Daddy-isn't it awesome, he sings!" Bryce said excitedly, "Daddy is going to love it!"
I tried really hard not to laugh-Chuck's not a fan of country music and to my knowledge he has never worn a large belt buckle or a flannel shirt.
Bryce was so very excited-he'd press the button and Santa would start singing in a country twang. He'd end his song with:
"Merry Christmas Darling!"
Chuck was (of course) very surprised to receive such an unusual gift and made a big deal of how great it was so he wouldn't hurt Bryce's feelings.
Since Daddy liked his present so much, Bryce suggested he put it on his dresser where Jackson wouldn't break it or mess it up.
Country Singing Santa resides on Chuck's dresser most of the year, but at Christmas time we bring out this very special decoration.
"Merry Christmas Darling!"

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