Monday, June 13, 2011

While I've Been Gone...

While I've Been Gone...

There was Easter morning.

There were Easter eggs dyed with a Disney Princess coloring kit. {Momma had to run out to the only place open on at 8PM on Easter Sunday after spending the day with Nana at the hospital-Walgreens-and it was all that was left-the boys took it surprisingly well.}

There were field trips to the Cincinnati Zoo with Mr. F's class and Columbus, Ohio with the 4th Graders.

There trips to Kings Island. {Someone is a little bit addicted to the Beetlebugs ride.}

And to the Wright Patterson Air Force Museum. {Despite Jarron's lack of enthusaism in the pictures-a good time was had by all!}

There were AWANA awards.

There was the purchase of a BB gun for a certain 10 year old. {Jarron, I am trying really hard not to be that over protective momma and let them grow up a little. It's ridiculously hard. Sigh.}

A new bike for the little one. {a Kettler!! purchased at a yard sale for a mere $10!-woot!}

There was a Goodbye to Fairfield East Elementary for two 4th graders, who are growing up far too fast for their Momma to handle. {Our smarty pants boys got awards for math & social studies-so proud!}

So many memories. Above all there was a reminder of how very precious life is. How lucky we are to have our loved ones. So forgive me if I haven't been blogging like I used to, I've been busy making memories instead.

P.S. Many, many thanks for the calls, emails, flowers, and prayers for my mom after her heart attack. She is doing amazing. She is quite honestly one of the strongest people I know. I feel so fortunate to have the gift of more time with her. God is good. Always.

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Mrs said...

Those Lakes boys are super smarties. :) This former teacher is super proud of them! :) Can't wait to see pics of your trip to Florida!