Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Does it feel like a Monday to anyone but me? No? I guess because I spent most of my Monday in a quiet dark room fighting a migraine it feels that way. Stupid migraines. Seriously hoping that my new prescription makes them go away.

2. Jarron got the flu last week, he had a fever from Wednesday until yesterday. (Not to mention the aches, pains, and general misery.) He seemed pretty excited to be heading back today.

3. Jackson went to his first "friend" birthday party for a little girl from school. It was at the giant inflatable place, Bananas. It was so great to see him interacting with the other kids. I'm so used to seeing him hang out with family that it was so cool to see him hanging out with kids that the twins didn't even know. He has his own identity there and that's pretty awesome.

4. Speaking of awesome, Bryce got a part in the school play. Only 25 kids in the whole school made the play, and he got a speaking part! He is Banzai, the lead hyena in Lion King. The play isn't until March, but the script is 62 pages! (I know!!!)
(Insert a picture of Bryce here. Oh wait, he refuses to have his picture taken because he is 8 and a boy. Never mind.)

5. This little Moose is a sneaky one. He is into everyting these days. (Especially our kitchen cabinets!)
What am I doing? Ummm....nothing just standing on this container of dog food...

Okay...you caught me...I'm busting through the baby proofing and getting into the cabinet...again. :)

6. I am completely addicted to the new seasons of Amazing Race, Top Chef, and The Office. Also on my list of must watch TV is Storm Chasers. Love that show. I am completely fascinated with tornados but have a healthy fear of them. So, while I will avidly watch Reed and his team chase the twisters, you would find me cowering in the basement holding onto a heavy object if the sirens go off.

7. I caught Chuck out in the garage last night admiring his bike again. Totally cracks me up to see him out there just looking at it.

8. Chuck asked Jarron last night if he wished that he had tried out for the play that Bryce is in. Jarron said, "No way, that's just extra homework." And that is the difference between Bryce and Jarron in a nutshell.

9. On a sad note, we had to have our dog, Tubby, put to sleep last night. He'd been losing his sight for awhile, but he went completely blind in the last couple of weeks. His kidneys were shutting down and he was having trouble walking. It was a horribly tough decision but it was the right thing to do. He was an awesome little dog and we will miss him so much.

Tubby Smith Lakes, 1993-2009

10. Halloween is just 4 days away, we have the candy and costumes but no pumpkins. Guess what the Lakes will be doing tonight? (Did you guess carving pumpkins? Because that is what I meant...) Check back next week for pictures of the boys in costumes, we have a bit of a Sci-Fi theme going this year...

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