Friday, November 21, 2008

George and Henry

For weeks, the twins and I have been preparing for today's Biography Fair at their school and I think all of our hard work paid off. All of the 2nd graders participated, each one was assigned a famous American and had to do a report and presentation. The best part? Costumes! They had to dress up as their character. They had these little paper buttons you pressed and they'd read their report. (Kind of like the Hall of Presidents at Disney World-only with live people).

Jarron was assigned George Washington. Surprisingly, he didn't mind the wig too much.

Bryce was assigned Henry Ford. He looks so grown up here.

And since I haven't had much Jackson news in my blog lately-drumroll, very first video's little video of him saying his Cubbies verse. The video quality is terrible-not sure why-but at least you get to hear his sweet little voice. :)

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