Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pumpkin Patch and Soccer Party

This weekend was quite a busy one-seems like we did a ton of running around-maybe because I'm so used to being house-bound.

The twins had their last soccer game and a party to celebrate. Jarron was goalie for a quarter and was the talk of the game-he must have blocked 20 goals. The other team did score one goal while he was in the net but he did awesome for as many shots as they took. The game ended in a tie so the boys were pretty happy. We headed out for the pizza party right after where the boys got their soccer trophies and got to hang out with their friends for awhile.

Bryce and Jarron at the soccer party.

Chuck surprised me with a totally amazing Sweetest Day gift-the ipod touch! I was so excited, we've all had fun playing with it. (And yes, in case you were wondering-I did forget it was Sweetest Day-poor Chuck-I'll make it up to him on Valentine's Day).

That night we went for our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. This year we went to a patch near our house with our Sunday school class. The boys had a blast in the corn maze but it was pretty chilly.

The boys and I at the pumpkin patch.

I hope the chilly weather wasn't the reason, but poor little Brody has his first cold. He's been hanging out in his car seat for the past few nights to try and ease his congestion, hopefully he gets better soon. He's one month old today and has a doctor visit this Friday. I'll post his updated weight and stats this weekend!

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Bobbi said...

So sad I missed the last game :( WTG for Jarron on the goalie position. We misssed going to a pumpkin patch this year too, we is a lazy family ;)